Leicester SEO Agency Guide to Local Search

Google my business imageThe internet is an incredible tool for global communication, and over the past decade the term “worldwide web” has undoubtedly lived up to its implications but reaching out to every corner of the globe isn’t always necessary.

These days, more and more people are turning to internet searches to find businesses, services, and products right on their own door steps. Search engines like Google have not ignored this trend, and they’re getting fearsomely intelligent about delivering localised search results.

This has made local search marketing a valuable asset to small business owners. Not all business owners understand exactly how this process works and why it’s worth investing in. Search Exclusive took some time to put this article together.

Local Search Marketing Defined

A local seo isn’t too hard to understand. It’s simply adding a geographic constraint to a search engine query to restrict the results to a certain area. Local search marketing is simply taking steps to ensure that your business bubbles up to the top of such searches.

Location isn’t a vital component of every online transaction. People who want to buy stock images or download music don’t particularly care where they do it.

Location is everything in a lot of searches, though. Potential customers looking to do business with plumbers, hairdressers, gyms, and similar businesses care very much about where they’re located.

Promoting local businessesIn the modern world, search engines are fulfilling the local business directory role that was once met by paper directories like your local Yellow Pages. Now search engines are adding intelligence to the process and doing a much better job of detecting when proximity is important to the search engine user.

Of course, the search engines need to maintain some flexibility and allow users to specify their own locality. There’s always the traveller searching for an emergency dentist in an unfamiliar community to consider, or the holiday’er trying to book a car rental in advance.

In local search marketing, your goal is to improve your company’s visibility to anyone searching for services or products like yours in your area, regardless of whether or not they’re executing the search close to you.

What Makes Local Search Marketing Important

Good local search marketing does two vital things for your business: It exposes your company to more potential customers, and it directs more people to your site who are likely to find it useful.

Because of the geographic component in so many consumer searches, it’s vitally important to define your business’s location. A business with a clear physical location attached to its website will always outperform one that lacks one.

Providing a location that matches a searcher’s needs will give your business priority over competitors that lack a specific location.

Search engines may automatically prioritise local results even if the user doesn’t add an explicit geographic identifier. This behavior becomes much more likely when the user is executing a search from a mobile device with an identifiable GPS location of its own.

The reason why it makes sense to pursue search engine users running local searches is that they are more likely to be in the process of making a purchasing decision. They’re not out to browse or educate themselves; they’re ready to do business. The local business that matches their needs is likely to get their money.

Tips For Improving Local Search Results

A map graphic showing local business locationsYou’ve probably already taken the step of emphasising certain keywords in the content of your site. Do your chosen keywords reflect your location as well as your niche? The phrase ‘Leicester plumber’ is going to deliver better local search results than ‘reliable plumber,’ for example.

Your site also needs to be as complete as possible when describing your location. Besides a street address, postcode, and land line phone number, you should also make sure that your site references the towns and villages you serve and any nearby attractions.

Taking charge of your business’s data by registering through Google’s ‘My Business’ is essential. This gives you a measure of control over the data provided about your company in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+.

Reach Out To The Local Community

Though we share information all around the world now, there’s still no substitute for expertise located in your community.

You have potential customers close to you who are searching for a business like yours online. If it can reach out to those customers and convince them to do business with you, local search marketing will be doing you a huge service.