Choosing the Right Garage Door

A pair of wooden garage doorsInstalling a new garage door is a fairly quick and inexpensive way to boost your home’s curb appeal. A good door will make your home stand out and make it more distinctive when compared to nearby homes. If you’re willing to spend a little more for something especially nice, a set of custom doors can do even more for you home.

Ordinary garage doors are classified by their means of operation: Up and over, Hinged Sectional, or Canopy Slide. Sectional doors are ideal for properties where driveway space is limited. They move in a vertical track, so they require minimal clearance in the driveway. This allows you to park an additional car outside the garage without stopping the door from functioning. Additional garage door styles that are currently popular include self-storing and upward-acting doors. Midlands garage doors Leicester, Nottingham and Derby have a large range of doors to choose from, contact them or download their brochure online.

More About Garage Door Types

Manual garage doors are all but extinct today. Motorised doors and roller shutter doors, those that can be controlled remotely are far more convenient and make your garage more functional. Overhead garage doors are, by a significant margin, the most popular style in use today.

Roller shutter doors

When you’re planning to replace your garage door, material choice is especially important. There are several different factors that will influence your decision here, including your home’s style and how well-insulated your garage needs to be. The three main materials used for garage doors are wood, steel, and fiberglass (also known as GRP).

Additional garage door options you can consider at this time include extra insulation for heated garages and garage door windows.

Getting To Know The Overhead Door

Modern homeowners pick overhead garage doors in an overwhelming number of installations today. The reliable machinery that operates these doors offers tremendous durability and convenience thanks to basic features like automated stop and start and many more advanced options for those willing to pay affordable premiums.

Overhead doors roll upwards when opened, with the door being stored parallel to the garage’s roof. Positive qualities to look for in overhead garage doors include minimal noise, smooth operation, and a compact footprint. Overhead door installation is fairly straightforward and many homeowners can handle it as a DIY project. If you’d prefer to leave the job up to professionals most manufacturers can provide guidance. Major companies providing overhead doors include Garador, Hormann¬†and Carman.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood is still a fairly popular material for garage doors. While they aren’t the most durable choice available to you, they are quite inexpensive and they often look very attractive.

To maximise the durability of a wood door, pick hard-wearing woods like solid cedar. Cedar lasts for many years and it looks quite beautiful. Roll-up garage doors made of wood use either flush or panel construction. Flush doors feature plywood panels attached to an internal frame, while panel doors feature separate pieces fitted inside a frame which is visible on the finished door.

The factor that limits the lifespan of wooden garage doors is the way wood reacts to changes in heat and humidity. It expands and contracts with changing conditions, and it may warp or crack over time. Wood also needs to be repainted and refinished regularly to protect the material and keep it attractive.

The Advantages Of Steel Doors

Improve the look of your home with Hormann garage doorsSteel doors allow you to avoid all of the potential drawbacks of wood mentioned above. Modern steel garage doors are covered in a tough protective finish like vinyl cladding or baked-on polyester. They don’t require repainting or rust protection. Many steel doors are even manufactured to mimic the traditional appearance of wood, and they can be stained to increase the similarity.